Monkey Capital

Disruption To The Power of X

MNY Token

By issuing Monkey Tokens (MNY), Monkey Capital will be able to invest aggressively into the latest cutting-edge innovations such as space travel while simultaneously harnessing the value of the final days of the Industrial Revolution as it purchases cheap out-of-favour manufacturers.

Total Supply:1,000,000,000

Monkey Capital has selected Waves as the platform of choice for its multi-token issuance strategy due to mostly security and stability factors, as well as the supreme integration of the Waves platform. Waves approach to tokens gives more focus on the stability and security of the system than features.

ICO Details

Start Date:8th Aug 2017 12:00 UTC
End Date:9th Sep 2017 12:00 UTC

COVEAL holders will receive 10,000 MNY per 1 COEVAL

MNY Have Intrinsic Value Since Monkey Capital Is Run By Profitable Partners

The founders of Monkey Capital have already spent collectively over $5 million on the business, and in the MNY ICO they will invest more millions in assets.

White Paper

The Monkey Capital token is the first in the world to be designed safer than a security and with only the Token holders in mind. We keep it simple: Monkey Capital's partners make what the token holders make. Read the White Paper for more.

ICO Fact Sheet

Monkey Capital represents the sale of MNY tokens which are used to fund lucrative ongoing contracts which Monkey Capital's partners are already making millions out of.

Value Coevals

What are Value Coevals and how do they assist Monkey Capital's partners in identifying Blockchain value? Find out in this short paper written by the company's Managing Partner here.

The Team

Monkey Capital brings together more professional expertise and accomplishment than any other offering to date, comprising elite managers in multiple industries. Monkey Capital’s transparent auditing schedule also means that every individual is accountable to a completely independent third party auditing process. The team is comprised of one executive management committee, an independent audit manager, a consulting committee and three panels.

Executive Management Committee

Daniel M. Harrison

Chairman & CEO of DMH&CO, a global investment company based in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Marcelo Garcia-Casil

Founder and CEO of DX Markets, a Digital Currency and Blockchain development company.

Darshan Vyas

Co-founder and Managing Director of LOUD Capital, a venture capital firm based in Columbus, OH.

Senior Advisors

Seth Shapiro

Two-time Emmy® Award winner Seth Shapiro is a leading advisor and speaker in innovation, media and technology worldwide. His clients include The Walt Disney Company, Comcast, DIRECTV, Intel, IPG, NBC, Showtime, RTL, SBS, Universal, Slamdance Studios, and Goldman Sachs. He is a Governor of the Television Academy, and sits on its Executive Committee.

Sriram Durvasula

CEO at Hansya and a Partner at Loud Capital. Durvasula is a prominent seed and early-stage investor.

Simon Barry

Entrepreneur and technology developer who created one of the leading platforms in the world for enabling the digital trading of crude oil contracts, employed in most investment banks today.


Peerchemist invented the digital asset protocol called PeerAssets and leads the Peercoin project, the first ever Proof of Stake digital asset in the world.


Monkey Capital's founders are constantly in the press, both in the mainstream and the Bitcoin news cycle.

Goldseek Radio

Radio Inteview Listen Here

Cryptocoins News

"British Money Printing Heir Turns to Printing Digital Money in ICO with Blockchain Developer and US VC"


"Monkey Evolves ICO Markets For Potential Bitcoin, Ethereum-Style Gains"

The Huffington Post

"Bitcoin’s Billion Dollar Baboon: An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Attracts Big Time Talent"

The Cointelegraph

"Tech entrepreneur Mark Cuban has recently stated that Bitcoin is facing a bubble. However, Daniel M. Harrison, the CEO of DMH&CO and managing partner of Monkey Capital, reveals that such a thing is impossible due to the market-influencing capabilities of Bitcoin and Ethereum."

Deal Street Asia

Deal Street Asia

"DMH&CO, an Asia-based family office belonging to banknote printing company Harrison & Sons, has entered into an agreement to invest in Britain’s oldest cash shell ... the last 12 months have seen DMH&Co expand from a single office in Singapore to two additional offices."

The Telegraph

"Maecenas ... has raised £200,000 from Swiss venture capitalists Polytech ... Marcelo Garcia Casil, Maecenas’ founder, said the website would allow owners to list up to 49pc of their work, with stakes then sold in an auction process. They would then be free to trade their shares on an exchange."


"Our panellist Daniel Harrison pointed out that Bitcoin was more x-effiicient than gold to mine, inspiring Antonopolous to Tweet that Bitcoin lies in the future of the underbanked."

Financial Times

"Introducing Daniel M. Harrison. Journalist. Author. Publisher. Editor-in-chief. FactoryBanking inventor. Serial entrepreneur. Bitcoin 2.0 enthusiast. Blockchain evangelist. And… direct descendent of the The House of Harrison, the bloodline behind money-printing business Harrison & Sons."

Capital HK

"It was Daniel Mark Harrison who most kept tradition with the enterprising spirit of the family ... Daniel thinks that there are a lot of ways of making money. But basically only by helping others create wealth will doing business contribute to the stability of society."



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Suntec Tower Two
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